Our Campus and facilities are:

Calle Américo Vespucio S/N

41092 Isla de la Cartuja

Sevilla (España)



Access by Public Transportation:


  • Bus TUSSAM C1 and C2, bus stop: Américo Vespucio-Facultad de Comunicación
  • Commuter Train: Line C-2: Santa Justa - Cartuja

Access by Bike:


  • There is a bike path to  FCOM
  • Bike rack of Sevici a few meters

We suggest you, with this Virtual Visit, a walk by the installations of the Faculty. Common areas, Edition rooms, Sets, Radio Studio, IT office, Library…




In FCom you can study:

  • Master in Business and Institutional Communication Management
  • Master in Communication and Fashion Entrepreneurs
  • Master in Sports Journalism
  • Master in Strategic Planning and Public Account Management
  • Master in Videogames: Script, Design and Programming


 To access to our studies of degree need you to make an exam of access. To access to the official masters, you will have to accredit a degree or undergraduate (Licenciatura). You have more information here: https://estudiantes.us.es/grados

For the access for our own masters, you can consult the web of the Centre of Permanent Training: www.cfp.us.es




The first that you have to do is to enrol you in the studies you have chosen. More information here: https://www.us.es/estudiar/estudiar-en-la-US.

The University of Seville contemplates diverse performances of receiving for the new students. One of the common performances is the Course of Orientation of Study.

Besides, as orientation to the new student the faculty realise in every academic course, previous to the start of the classes, the Act of welcome to the new students where the Deanship Team of the Faculty of Communication, the manager of Library, the manager of audiovisual and Delegation of students treat the following points

  1. Welcome to students by the Dean.
  2. Information about the centre, regulation, spaces and infrastructures.
  3. Information about programs of mobility
  4. Information about library and audiovisual.
  5. A visit to the Installations of the Faculty
  6. Complementary Activities organised by the Faculty and the Associations of Students



The request of the University Card is through the Virtual Office of the University of Sevilla (https://sevius.us.es)  and to access you need a virtual user (uvus) and password.

Where can you have the UVUS and the password?

  • In IT Labs of the center or any Campus.
  • In SOS Service of Students (Avda. Reina Mercedes, Edificio Rojo -2nd floor-).

What do you need to request it?

You can go to this offices and identify you with your University Card or National ID.

UVUS and password for new students entry of pre-registration:

The students that come from the entrance university examination have access to enroll with the user and the password obtained from this examination, but at the end of the process of enroll, is considered a student of the University of Sevilla and, therefore, you have a virtual user (UVUS) of automatic form and informs that his password is the same that has used to access to the entrance university examination and enrollment but adding to the start the letters “US” IN UPPER CASE. You can have access to your profile of identity in https://identidad.us.es to change the password for a new one.



Besides, it is important to know that the students of the Faculty of Communication are very active. Our Delegation of students (situated in the ground floor) has a very active cultural diary and full of activities. The Cultural Week of the FCom, organised by Deanship with big support of Delegation of students, is a clear example of the integration of Delegation of students in the life of the Faculty of Communication.

You can consult (delegacionfcom@gmail.com) their diary, form to participate, calendar of elections, etc.



Finally, we want to inform to all our students that the Plan of Orientation and Tutorial Action (POAT) ,is a fundamental element in the FCom that is born by and for the student. Has his origin in the frame of the II Plan of Teaching in the course 2013-14 to agglutinate to all the activities of orientation and support to the students of the US in a wide sense, with coverage of actions before, during and after of the university studies.

The activities in this sense of orientation that the Faculty of Communication comes developing since are varied: mentorización, visits to the faculty, sessions of introduction to the study, conventions about the future of the career....


To make your stay in the FCom more bearable we have elaborated this GUIDE of super-experience in the FCom


Academic Calendar

Faculty Opening hours

Opening hours in Academic year period from 7:30 to 21:30


Decan Email



Library and Videolibrary Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 a 21:00

Find us

  • Avda. Américo Vespucio S/N. La Cartuja, Sevilla. C.P 41092
  • Concierge Service phone: 9545 59819.

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