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Master in Script, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity

Formative aims and Competitions

The Script, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity Master pretends the training of the student in the professional practice of the construction of audiovisual scripts. This general aim involves:

  • Training in the theoretical and practical technicians on the scripting in diverse media (cinema, TV, radio, comic and multimedia).
  • Enable the analysis of the scripts written and already realised in audiovisual productions.
  • Allow to the students the specialisation in the construction of the script in two audiovisual media that choose on the list of the offer.
  • Qualify for the development, presentation and defence of a script project.
  • Training the students in the technicians of work in group of individual form inside the preparation so much of scripts of new creation as in the adaptation of pre-existing stories.

Access to other degrees

Qualifications related to Communication studies (Communication and Media, Advertising and Journalism). Degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Regulation of Final Project Master

You can check here the regulation for the Final Project Master of the degrees ascribed to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville.

Subjects modified by J.C. 7/11/2017

Annex Declaration of authorship and originality of the Final Project Master.

Printed Deposit of Final Project Master.


Credits: 60

Students: 30

Coordinator of the Master: Cristina Carreras y Sergio Cobo

Web Page: Master in Script, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity

Title Quality Assurance System: https://www.us.es/estudiar/que-estudiar/oferta-de-masteres/master-universitario-en-guion-narrativa-y-creatividad

Access to the Office of Quality Management of the University of Seville: http://at.us.es/oficina-gestion-de-calidad

Teaching Organization Script Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity


Academic Calendar

Faculty Opening hours

Opening hours in Academic year period from 7:30 to 21:30.

Library and Videolibrary Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 21:00


Academic Ordination Manager

Administrative Support Doctorate

Academic Ordination and Teaching Vice deanship

  • Inmaculada Gordillo Álvarez