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Advertising and Public Relations Degree

Advertising and Public Relations

The Degree in Advertising and Public Relations qualifies to his graduated for the preparation, management, design and production of the advertising communication and for the strategic function of the public relations.

Quality Management

Access to the Office of Quality Management of the University of Seville http://at.us.es/oficina-gestion-de-calidad


Teaching Organization Advertising and Public Relations


Academic Calendar

Faculty Opening hours

Opening hours in Academic year period from 7:30 to 21:30.

Library and Videolibrary Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 21:00

Academic Ordination Manager

Isabel María Moreno Bujez. Phone: 954 55 95 77, email: morenobujez@us.es

Academic Ordination and Teaching Vice deanship

Inmaculada Gordillo Álvarez. Phone: 954559718, email: ingoal@us.es