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Communication and Media Degree

Communication and Media

The Degree in Audiovisual Communication qualifies to his graduated to investigate the processes, know the procedures and undertake the realisation of audiovisual works.

Quality Management

Access to the Office of Quality Management of the University of Seville http://at.us.es/oficina-gestion-de-calidad

Why study Communication and Media?

The goal of these studies is to facilitate a training of quality to be able to exert a work related with the following professional competitions (take only like examples):

  • TV Reporter.
  • Press Photographer.
  • Technical in edition of contents for supports written, radio, audiovisual and/or digital.
  • Cinema and TV Cameraman/woman.
  • TV Documentalists.
  • Cinema Directors.
  • Teachers and researchers in communication matters.
  • Cinema and TV Screenwriters.


Teaching Organization Communication and Media


Academic Calendar

Faculty Opening hours

Opening hours in Academic year period from 7:30 to 21:30.

Library and Videolibrary Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 21:00


Academic Ordination Manager

Administrative Support Doctorate

Academic Ordination and Teaching Vice deanship

  • Inmaculada Gordillo Álvarez