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All subjects have three annual exams:

    First semester subjects: the first call is held in January-February and the second call in July.
    Second semester subjects: the first exam session is held in June-July and the second in July.
    The third call is usually held during the month of November, and applies to students who were enrolled in previous years. It is only necessary to apply for the November exams at the Secretary's Office of the Faculty, when students are taking subjects that have changed their nomenclature due to any of the modifications of the Study Plans (consult in degrees, grades).

During the examination periods following the end of both terms, no classes are held. However, for the November exams, classes will be held normally.

The Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Committee of the Center publishes, in July, the calendar of exams for the first and second exams that will be in force during the following academic year. The calendars for the third call are made public by the Secretary's Office of the Center within the month prior to their celebration. It is not possible to anticipate these exams any further, since it is not only necessary to make them compatible with classes, but also to know the number of students who can use them and the spaces available to hold them.

Of the three annual exams, only two can be used to pass a subject (with the exception of the Master's Thesis in Official Postgraduate Courses). Every student has the right to two annual convocations in the same academic year.

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