cenefa movilidad

I am back to the FCom, what do I do now?

When you go come back you have to finish the administrative process in the University of Seville. This means that you have to deliver distinct documents in the Centre of International Relations as well as in the Faculty of Communication:

  1. You have to deliver a copy of the modification of the agreement (in the case that you had changed your original agreement) properly signed and sealed so much by the university of destination as by the FCom in the Registry. It remembers that the modifications have a limit time of 1 month from the beginning of your stay. All that have to be managed through your SEVIUS.
  2. THE SCORES. The process of validation initiates once that have delivered the agreement in Registry. When the university of destination sends your scores to the FCom, it will record in your historial for the conversion to the Spanish system and in 4 or 5 weeks these notes will appear in your file. This process can accelerate if you bring with you the original scores of the university of destination. This is not always possible and some universities take quiet time in sending the scores. In this case, we have to wait for them.
  3. You have to deliver in the Unit of Economic Management of International Mobility of the Centre of International Relations before 30 September the final certificate of original stay, signed and sealed by the university of destination, and the final report on the development of your stay (it will be sent to your SEVIUS). Besides, this year you will have to complete an OLS test of level of language.



Deanship Opening hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10.30 to 13.30. Office 3, Deanery.

Mobility and International Relations Vice deanship office

  • Mónica Barrientos Bueno

To sign and seal any documentation you can send them to movifcom@us.es or leave them at the deanship office manager, Mariló Sánchez (mlsanchez@us.es)