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What is the Academic Agreement?

It is the documentation that collects the subjects/courses that you will study in the university of destination and the correspondence with the subjects/courses of our Plan of Studies. The signature of the Academic Agreement is very important and have to be delivered it before going you to your destination. This Academic Agreement has to be negotiated with the Manager of Mobility and International Relations of the FCom, Mónica Barrientos, and signed by her. Otherwise, is not valid.
The normal situatiuon is that the academic agreement modify once you are in the destination. But there are some terms to do these modifications:you have a month from the beginning of your stay.


  • Subjects/Courses never will be validate if they are not included in the Academic Agreement, or in the modification of the same, properly signed and sealed by all the parts involved.
  • You must be enrolled in all subjects of the academic agreement (Origin and destination subjects), otherwise the credits won't be recognized.
  • It will not be signed any agreement or modification of the same out of the term (1 month) established by the International Centre of the University of Sevilla.
  • For the realisation of the academic agreements it will be necessary to use the on-line tool that facilitates the International Center and to which you can access with your UVUS user.


Deanship Opening hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10.30 to 13.30. Office 3, Deanery.

Mobility and International Relations Vice deanship office

  • Mónica Barrientos Bueno

To sign and seal any documentation you can send them to movifcom@us.es or leave them at the deanship office manager, Mariló Sánchez (mlsanchez@us.es)