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What else should I have to consider?


You have to manage your European Sanitary Card if you remain in Europe or a safe private insurance in the case of non-EU destinations. In both cases, you have to consider that you also are covered for repatriation and civil liability.

If you go to Latin America, will have to schedule the application of your visa, possible vaccinations and other documents (criminal certificate, medical reports, guarantees, etc.) that the university of destination can request.

In all this paperwork and errands we can not help you from the FCom, you must manage personally



Deanship Opening hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10.30 to 13.30. Office 3, Deanery.

Mobility and International Relations Vice deanship office

  • Mónica Barrientos Bueno

To sign and seal any documentation you can send them to movifcom@us.es or leave them at the deanship office manager, Mariló Sánchez (mlsanchez@us.es)