María del Mar Ramírez, Decana Facultad de Comunicación. Universidad de Sevilla
María del Mar Ramírez Alvarado.
Decana Facultad de Comunicación.
Universidad de Sevilla.

Dean's Letter

María del Mar Ramírez Alvarado


The Faculty of Communication, in its first period called "Information Sciences", was founded in 1989 and had its first headquarters in Calle Gonzalo de Bilbao in Seville. From there were born our first generations of communicators; We read our first doctoral thesis, our first teachers were selected there and our degrees of journalism, Audiovisual communication and advertising and public relations were consolidating.

In 2003 the Faculty of Communication, which on the way had changed its name, moved to The Cartuja Science and Technology Park. The new headquarters was inaugurated on November 3, 2003 by the President of Junta de Andalucía, Manuel Chávez, who was accompanied for the occasion by the Mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, and by the Rector of the University of Seville , Miguel Florencio.

The building we are located now was projected by the architects José Luis Jimeno García and Juan Luis Marín Soto, and occupies the plot on which the United States pavilion was built during the Universal Exhibition of 1992. The construction work began in April 2001 and took around two and a half years with a budget of 19 million euros.

This leap was a very important qualitative change: Three television sets, a store of audiovisual media, a library of more than three thousand square meters, video library, radio studios, editing digital videos classrooms, a study and laboratory of photography and among other departments.

We are, since 2003, a community of more than 3000 people (between undergraduate and postgraduate students, administration and services staff, and teaching and research staff). Our faculty counts on an offer of degrees, of degree and of postgraduate, that includes the degree in Journalism, the degree in Communication and Media and degree in Advertising and Public Relations. This catalogue is completed with four official master's degrees in communication and culture, the master in Creative writing, the master's degree in Screenplay, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity, and the master in Institutional and Political Communication. The number of students exceeds three thousand.

The Faculty of Communication also has third-cycle studies with the interuniversity Doctorate in Communication adapted to royal Decree 99/2011 and launched in collaboration with the University of Málaga, the University of Huelva and the University of Cadiz (http://www.doctorado-comunicacion.es/). This PhD has six lines of research in which our students can carry out their third cycle studies: Audiovisual Communication; Advertising and Public Relations; Journalism Educommunication and Media Literacy; Communication, Cultural Industries and Spectacle; and Communication, Literature, Ethics and Aesthetics.

The Faculty of Communication also has several expert courses, specialization courses and master's degrees. In the same way, students can continue courses taught by the Languages Institute of the University of Seville. Throughout the year, our faculty becomes the venue for training and cultural activities of all kinds, continuing along the same: Congresses, Seminars, Roundtables, Projections, Representations, Cultural weeks, Exhibitions, Workshops, launched by the teachers and the students themselves .

The teaching and research staff is around the 180 teachers distributed in three departments based in the center and majority teaching (Journalism I, Journalism II and Audiovisual Communication and Advertising), also teachers of Thirteen other departments of the University of Seville. The Administration and Services staff is around sixty people.

Through different democratic institutions, from the Faculty Board and the Commissions derived from it to the departments, and the representation of the faculty in the governing entities of the University of Seville, both the students and the rest of people who develop their work in the faculty participate actively in the process of government and improvement of the teaching and the research of the daily management of the center.

We give you the warmest welcome to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville. Your participation and observations will help us to continue to improve.

María del Mar Ramírez Alvarado



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