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Only if you has surpassed the first complete course in the case of extinguished degrees or 60 credits in the case of actual degrees, of any of the degrees of the Faculty, have not exhausted the calls established in the regulation of permanence that are applicable and justifies the reasons of the transfer from 1st to 31st July in instance to the Dean of the Faculty of Communication.

In the case of not having first complete course neither 60 credits in the June call, you will have to make a reservation for a place in the pre-registration. Once admitted in the corresponding degree will have to request the transfer of academic file from the Center of origin.

Yes. The payment will be in the University where the course was initiated, and they will realise the corresponding formalities for the file transfer.

If the student is has subjects/courses from last year, to obtain right to the examination of the 3rd call of December then you have to be enrolled during the first term of the present course of each subject/course.

You have two times, which are:

- 3rd ordinary in December and

- 1st ordinary (that it will celebrate in February or June depending on if the subject/course is of first or second quarter) or 2nd ordinary in September.

You can take the three existent calls: 3rd announcement, 1st and 2nd ordinary and besides it doesn’t count in the case of not surpassing the examination.

Access and academic regulations

It will have to enroll necessarily again to the process of pre-registration in the next academic course; if I would have the place to enrol, I could do it.

The correct is to pay inside the terms, but in the case that it has produced the expiration, whenever it was inside the same academic course in that it issued said letter of payment and that have not modified the public prices, is possible to pay it.

If you are student of first year and have not approved any subjects in the calls of June and September, you will not be able to continue the studies in the Faculty. Nevertheless, you will be able to initiate any other studies in another faculty of the University of Sevilla.

To all the effects an adapted/validated/recognised subject is a surpassed subjects.

- Single payment: It is done in a single payment when formalizing the registration.

- Deposit in two terms or fractionated payment: The payment will be realises in two terms, the first in the moment of the registration which is the 50% of the prices by academic services and 100% of the prices by administrative services and school insurance, and the second term will realise only by banking domiciliation. The corresponding settlements to the second term, that in his case produce, will present during the second fortnight of the month of December.

- The payments by denial of Scholarships and the after the 31st of December, will have to be paid in cash, previous withdrawal of the letter of payment in the Office of the Faculty, in any office of the Banco Santander Central Hispano.

The non-payment of the total or partial amount of the price will suppose the denial or cancellation of the registration.

In the first year is compulsory to enrol in all subjects. In Official Degree of 60 credits save in the following exceptional cases:

- When the student have less than 30 credits to complete the degree.

- When the student have been cataloged like student with special academic needs, in whose case the minimum quantity of credits will be of 12.

And in Official Master of 30 credits

Only if you are going to ask for recognition of credits of free configuration, by Courses or by Internship in Companies, or if you are going to request some refund.

If you want to adapt from the Undergraduate (Licenciatura) to the Degree inside the same Degree the only that you have to do is to request by the corresponding form during the period of registration of the students that continue studies.

Request this validation though the corresponding form contributing the programs sealed of the subjects to validate and an Academic Certification, all this during the period of registration of September.


Openning Hours

  • Morning from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:00 horas
  • Evening from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00 horas.
  • Summer Period(15 June - 15 September)-Easter-Feria-Christmas:
    • School Days from 11:00 to 13:00.
    • Evenings from 15 to 30 June and from 1 to 15 September, Monday to Thursday, from 15:00 to 17:00

Head of Center Administration


Mª Isabel González


Center Manager/Students

Dolores Olivero (Validations, Cancellations, Adaptations )

Registry Office Staff

Vicky Álvarez (Certifications and Diplomas)

Ninfa Pozo (Academic Certifications, SET, Credits Recognitions)

Gema Méndez (Mobility)

Mª Ángeles Ruiz (Refunds, Annexes TFG and TFM)