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Master in Creative Writing


Formative aims and Competitions

  • Professional Training in the literary creation in the distinct genders, boosting the artistic imagination and improving the creativity.
  • Perfect the linguistic competition in relation with the creative possibilities of the language.
  • Wake up the capacity to create characters of fiction in the distinct genders and literary supports.
  • Train in the use of narrative formats, dramatic and lyric, from the minifiction and the short novel to the comic, the script, the visual poem, the audiovisual experimentation, the performance lyric or the creative journalism.
  • APurchase knowledges and competitions in the publishing design under new computer supports.
  • Experience the new technological procedures of the literary creation.
  • Orient in the gear of the literary business and the publishing world.
  • Training for future researchers of the phenomenon of the literary creation, so much in his historical dimension, as theoretical, or imaginative.
  • Training in the methodologies of the literary investigation.
  • Analyse methodically literary works.
  • Know the aesthetic tendency of the current literature.

Access to other degrees

Philology, Philosophy, History, Fine Arts, Creative writing, Journalism, Communication and Media, Advertising, Psychology, Pedagogy, Law, Economic and business Sciences.

Regulation of Final Project Master

You can check here the regulation for the Final Project Master of the degrees ascribed to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville.

Credits: 60


Coordinators of the Master: Profesor Carlos Peinado,  Profesora María Jesús Orozco Vera

Web Page: http://masteroficial.us.es/escrituracreativa/

Title Quality Assurance System: www.us.es/estudiar/que-estudiar/oferta-de-masteres/master-universitario-en-escritura-creativa

Access to the Office of Quality Management of the University of Seville: http://at.us.es/oficina-gestion-de-calidad

Teaching Organization Creative Writing


Academic Calendar

Faculty Opening hours

Opening hours in Academic year period from 7:30 to 21:30.

Library and Videolibrary Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 21:00


Academic Ordination Manager

Administrative Support Doctorate

Academic Ordination and Teaching Vice deanship

  • Inmaculada Gordillo Álvarez