Master in Institutional and Political Communication

Formative aims and Competitions

The Institutional Communication and Politics Master sets out the following as main formative aims:

  • The training of skilled professionals in the fields related with the management, promotion and strategy inside the field of the political communication, although his contents are not oriented only to the preparation of electoral campaigns, as they project on the need to strengthen mechanisms of communication of maintenance, stimulus, information, etc., essential for the political life.
  • Multidisciplinarity with thematic modules whose teaching will be given by seven Departments.
  • Political and social marketing principles, with a clear aim: place in advantageous position in the electoral field our messages, ideas, parties and candidates.
  • Learn to analyse the behaviour and the social importance of some structures to be able to, organic and with a hierarchy, without which results impossible to understand the operation of our democracies: the political parties, institutions that exert of intermediaries between the public opinion and the public Administration and are indispensable social actors for the political communication.
  • Know how extract the maximum performance to the Communication, on the base of the investigation, the planning and the creativity.
  • Basic learning in the different tools of social investigation to our service to arrive to be effective professionals in this field, as it is impossible to schedule the Communication without the realisation of analysis of field that allow us know the surroundings, know who are, locate to our opponents, determine our opportunities and recognise until where we can achieve.
  • The knowledge of the rules of the political game, because the political and electoral Communication develops inside a field of legally perimeter game. The design and set up of a strategy of political communication has to know and take into account the legal limits.
  • Practical projection: the teaching is oriented to the resolution of practical cases and besides are compulsory practices in organisations, institutions, political parties and NGO.

Access to other degrees

Preferences in Journalism, Communication and Media, Advertising. In a second level of priority will admit candidates of other Degrees, preferably of the field of the Social Sciences (Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, Geography…..)

Student Guide Course 19-20.

Regulation of Final Project Master

You can check here the regulation for the Final Project Master of the degrees ascribed to the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville.

Credits: 60

Students: 40

Coordinator of the Master: Dr. Ramón Reig García (Journalism II Department)

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