The Faculty of Communications, in collaboration and in line with the actions developed by the Secretariat of Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship, tries to support the students of the Faculty in their possible work of entrepreneurship and Creation of business ideas. To do this, the FCom has::


It is a management and support office for the students of the faculty to give information, help, orientation and accompany it during its entrepreneurship process.

This Office has, among other values, the following:

  1. Implant the philosophy of Entrepreneurship.
  2. Promote Student participation in business ideas competition.
  3. Provides  the FCom's Entrepreneurship Guide.
  4. Organization of seminars and entrepreneurial conferences.
  5. Some subjects of the degree are linked with the entrepreneurship.

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It Is The Preincubator of Companies of the Faculty of Communications. As a step before the launching of an entrepreneurial idea, the FCom offers students the possibility of hosting for 6 months in a space of coworking in the building of the faculty, aided by the OAE in the work of entrepreneurship and guided by a business mentor.

The calls for lodging in the PrEmCom depends on the Secretariat for the Transfer of  Knowledge and Entrepreneurship. You can consult the rules about it in http://stce.us.es/web/es/


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The “Laboratory of Projects in Communication” (LabProCom) is a platform of employability, entrepreneurship and visualisation of the professional experience in the world of the communications. It pretends to be the bridge in the University, the society and the labour market.  It is a platform that shows the projects created by the students of the university  community and business partner.


Besides, establishes synergies between the institutions, the university and the companies with the idea to make visible the big potential and talent of these students through the platform of opportunities, networking, CVvideos and informative sessions.

To, experience in the field of the investigation and innovation creating new products in communication/journalism and also it is an un observatory that analyzes the evolution of the capacities and abilities of our students.

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De la clase a la cuenta it is a pioneering formative experience in which the students of communication (LA CLASE), live their first encounter with a real non-profit client (LA CUENTA) for which they work, organized as small agencies, to offer them their best advices. Students follow a theoretical and practical process that brings them closer to the daily life of our profession and enables them to change their professional lives.





#Comcorto It is the annual gala award for the short films and documentaries of students of the Faculty of Communication of the University of Sevilla.





Deanship Opening hours

  • During the season of 20 September-16 January, our opening hours will be::
    • Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 12 hours.

Communications, Institutional Relations and Entrepreneurship Vice Deanship Office