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All the subjects have three annual calls of examinations:

  • Subjects Of first semester: the first call celebrates in January-February and the second call in June-July.
  • Subjects Of second semester: the first call celebrates in June-July and the second call in September.
  • In the studies of Degree exist annual subjects, that realise a first partial during the period of examinations of the first quarter, a second partial at the beginning of June and a final examination at the beginning of July (approximately).
  • The third call is released in December, and only applies to students that were enrolled during the previous academic year. It is necessary to request the examinations of the call of December in the Registry Office, that each academic course announces in advance the term of application to examine in the call of December.

During the periods of examinations that follow to the ending of both quarters, there are no classes. However, for the examinations of December there will be classes normally.


The Commission of Academic Ordination and Guarantee of Quality of the Centre makes public, in July, the calendar of examinations for the first and second calls that will be in force in the following course. The calendars of the third call make public, by part of the Registry Office, inside the previous month to his celebration. It is not possible a greater anticipation because is necessary to make them compatible with the classes, but it is necessary to know the number of students that can use them and the available spaces to celebrate them.

Of the three annual calls, only can use two to surpass a subject (with the exception of the Final Project subject of the Official Postgraduates). All student has right to two annual calls in a same academic course.


Advertising and Public Relations Exams Period 2019-2020:



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Communication and Media Degree Exams Period 2019-2020:


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Exams of Double Degree in Journalism and Communication and Media

Double Degree in JOUR/CAM Exams Period 19-20.

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Journalism Exams Period 2019-2020:



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