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Quality Assurance System. (Undergraduates)

The implementation of the protocols relating to quality analysis in the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville has led to an important change in the management of the Center. Linked to the creation of the Logros platform, in 2012 there was a major restructuring of the dean team in order to respond to the actions derived from the analysis of the official degrees already taught at the Center and the needs arising from the increase in the postgraduate offer at the Faculty of Communication. Thus, a new Vice-Dean for Quality and Postgraduate Studies was created. This Vice-Dean, with different names, has remained in the successive government teams of the Center, providing constant support to all quality actions.

The monitoring of quality in the official degrees of the Faculty of Communication has been one of the central themes of the Center's governing teams since the first accreditation process. This continuous line of work has been embodied in two interconnected and complementary levels:

1. Establishment of a Commission for Quality and Monitoring of the Center's own Titles, made up of the Dean, Vice-Dean for Quality, Research and Postgraduate Studies, Directors of the Departments, Coordinators of Official Master's Degrees, members of the Administration and Services Staff and representatives of Students of the Faculty. Its composition is available at the following link: https://fcom.us.es/en/about-fcom/institutional

2. The establishment of seven working subcommittees (one for each of the Bachelor's and Master's degrees taught at the Faculty).

This new and operational structure was reflected in the modification of the Internal Functioning Regulations of the Board of the Faculty of Communication, ratified at the Faculty Board on January 14, 2015 and approved by the Governing Council of the University of Seville corresponding to 30 October 2015. The last Regulation dated from May 14, 2007, and was not adapted to the new dynamics of operation in the field of quality.

The quality analyzes for the monitoring of degrees through the Achievements platform have involved the completion of two working documents for each degree: a monitoring report and an improvement plan. In the monitoring reports, based on the information included in Achievements and provided by the Quality Management Office of the University of Seville, action proposals are defined aimed at achieving improvements for the degree. This is specified in the improvement plans, approved by the SGCT Commission of the Center and, later, in the Faculty Board, with clear actions and managers, aimed at correcting the weaknesses detected after the interpretation of the indicators in Achievements.

Information on the Title Quality Assurance System


Information on the Title Quality Assurance System

Information on the Title Quality Assurance System

Information on the Title Quality Assurance System




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