The Faculty of Communication only manages curricular internships. That means extracurricular internships, PRAEM Scholarships, EmpleamUS, Santander Scholarships, etc., do not manage  from the Fcom. You can find the information about these programs in the Internships Service in Companies and Employment (Servicio de Prácticas en Empresas y Empleo).

Here you have points to be considered:

- It is a NECESSARY REQUIREMENT to be enrolled in the INTERNSHIP IN COMPANIES (PRACTICUM) course. In the case of Degree, this enrollment only will be possible with 70% of the studies approved.

- You must register on the platform Icarus. Here you have a manual.

- The internships is an elective course where there are calls in June, September and December (for this last is necessary to be enrolled).

- A teacher will be your mentor. Here you have the complete list of academic mentors.

- The documentation of ending of the internship will be delivered until closing date:
        · 24 June 2019 (so that the qualifications go in the records of July).

       · 13 September 2019 (so that the qualifications go in the records of September)

        · 14 December 2018 (so that the qualifications go in the records of December).

It is IMPORTANT to know that those students that want to participate in the December call, will have to ENROL AGAIN (which involves the payment of a second enrollment).

- In the case of students older than 28 years old will have to formalise a health insurance for your own, on your charge, and giving us a copy of the contract to the person who is in charge of internships previously to the start of the internship.

Follor this steps:

1. The student has to enrol in the Internship Companies (Prácticas en Empresas) course.

2. The student has to sign in the platform Icaro ( in the "Acceso demandantes" TO BEGINNINGS OF THE ACADEMIC COURSE.

3. The faculty publish a minimum of three ORDINARY calls at year: September/October, December/January and April/May. These calls will be informed through the web of the Faculty and the diverse means and informative channels that Fcom has.

4. The students have to enroll through his user of Icaro.

5. Finalised the period of application, the faculty assigns companies to the students according to his average score record.

6. The faculty publish a provisional list with the allocations.

7. Term of claims. 2 working days. The claims have to be presented by means of an instance in the registry of the centre.

8. Final listing.

9. The faculty informs to the companies of his allocations. The company is the one who get in contact with the students. If happened a reasonable term (10 days) the entity has not get in contact with the students, you can write to to request the information of the company and you can contact with the organisation.

10. If you have remained without any of the places of practices that requested, once published the Final listing, will remain available, during the time limit of 1 labour week, a listing of vacant places. You can go to the office of internship of the Faculty of Communication (inside Deanship) and choose, in order of arrival, between the companies that have remained free.

For further information, you can check the Protocol of students approved in Board of Faculty the 02/10/2010.

At the beginning of the internship:

You have along the ten first days you have to send or deliver to the Vice Deanship office of internship (the first office located at the entrance of the deanship) 3 COPIES of the record of selection of the student signed by entity and student (Record of selection of student). Once signed by the Vice Deanship of Internship in Companies and Students, the student can come and pick 2 copies: one for the entity and another for the student. THIS DOCUMENT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF HIM DEPENDS THE INSURANCE.

At the ending of the internship: 

The  student has to deliver in REGISTRY OFFICE 3 COPIES of:

Besides, the student has to fill up, through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the memory/questionnaire of the student. Likewise, the company, also has to fill up through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the final Report of company

You want to renew the internship?

If the student want to renew has to deliver the document in person to the Office of Internship of the Faculty of Communication (in deanship) 3 COPIES of the Application of extention (renew) and other 3 COPIES of the Curricular to Extracurricular Application.. This has to be done during the last days of internship and before the ending. This new period of internship (internship extention) become EXTRACURRICULAR and, therefore, his management relies directly to the Internship in Companies and Employment Office (SPEE).

Giving up your Internship?

If the student wants to give up to internship you have to send or deliver the Cancellation of the Internship in the same office..

The student has to consider that resignation of the internship means that you can not apply for the next internship enroll (see regulation).

The students can promote agreements of collaboration for internship between entities THAT DO not HAVE previous AGREEMENT and the University of Seville. For this the entity that wants to sign the agreement has to:

1. The company has to send 2 COPIES of the agreement, together with the rest of the documentation and BY POSTAL POST to the address:

Secretaría de prácticas - Facultad de Comunicación

Vicedecanato de prácticas en empresas y estudiantes- Gestión de convenios

Avda. Américo Vespuccio, s/n

41092 - Isla de la Cartuja - Sevilla


2. The copies have to be SIGNED IN ALL THE PAGES and SEALED IN THE LAST.

3. The internship program does not force to any compensation to the student in no case.

4. Once sent the agreement, means that is already signed by both parts (although in a prudential time the company will receive a copy signed by the Rector of the University of Seville).

5. On the first page, in the field "name of the student promoter", it is necessary to put student who promotes the agreement (in case that there is it).

6. In case of a Degree or Master student, and once they have completed these formalities, the student can begin the internship (has to be enrolled, previously, in the Practicum course). For his beginning, in the ten first days, the student has to send or deliver to the deanship the record of selection of student (3 copies).

7. When the internship has finished, the  student has to deliver in the REGISTRY OFFICE 3 COPIES of:

Besides, the  student has to fill up, in THE PLATFORM ICARO, the memory/questionnaire of the student. Likewise, the company, also has to fill up in THE PLATFORM ICARO, the final Report of company

8. The final score will appear of the following way:

  • 8.1. The Teacher (academic tutor) publish the provisional final scores in the board of scores in the call that the student have presented the documentation (July, September or December).
  • 8.2. The student has to check his score and, in case of a disagree, attend to review in time and form according to the examinations agreement of the University of Seville.
  • 8.3. The Teacher publishes the final scores notes and, later, signs records.

Do you want to have an agreement with a company that already has an agreement of internship with the University of Seville?

You can not. You can only promote agreements with an entities that do not have agreement in force. 

Do you want to promote an agreement between two students? 

You can not. Only it can promote an agreement with an entity an one student.

Do you want to make an agreement with a foreign company and the University of Seville?

You just have to follow the same instructions that for a local company. 

You can find the necessary documents here.

Likewise, you have to know that the international insurance will run on your own. 

Do you want to look for internship on your own?

If the student wants to look for a company to realise his internship: 

A. Promote an agreement with a company that do not have any agreement in force. 

B. Contact with the company and that this launch, through the platform Icarus, an offer of extracurricular internship. 


Have you done EXTRACURRICULAR internship through the SPEE and want to recognise the credits?

Once that you have finalised your internship, have to deliver in the Registry Office of the Faculty 2 copies of the certificate that grants the Service of Internship in Companies and Employment and the  Application of recognition of credits by  internship. This experience will recognise you in your file for the Internship Course in companies with the score of 5.


You have to present IN THE REGISTRY OFFICE, your work contract and/or labour life where remain reflected the inherent competitions to your degree together with the Application of Recognition of Credits of Professional Experience. Between the 15 and 31 January of each course. The Commission of Recognition of Credits will study your case.

Who are the academic tutors?

Here you can find the PROVISIONAL list of academic tutors for the course 2018/2019. 


Here you have a FAQ document in case you want to clarify them.

Here you have the link of the SPEE, entity that manages the agreements and regulates the internships of the University of Seville. 

Besides, you can read the Internship of the University of Seville Regulation and the specific Regulation of the Faculty of Communication.

And here you have a manual on Ícaro.