What are the Curricular Internship?


The curricular internship are configured as those academic activities of the Curriculum of each degree (Degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism and / or Advertising and Public Relations - Official Masters in Institutional Communication and Politics, Communication and Culture, Creative Writing and / or Script , Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity) and has the duration in ECTS Credits assigned to it, at a rate of 25 hours of internship for each credit of the subject.

In Degree this subject is one more subject; optional and with its peculiarities, but one more, of 6 credits and with qualifications and reports like the rest of the subjects. 

In Official Masters, this subject is also another subject, with the following characteristics:

  • In Official Master's Degree in Institutional Communication and Politics, the subject is compulsory and has a total of 12 credits (300 hours).
  • In Master's Degree in Communication and Culture, the subject is optional and has a total of 6 credits (150 hours).
  • In Official Master in Creative Writing, the subject is optional and has a total of 10 credits (250 hours).
  • In Official Master's Degree in Screenwriting, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity, the subject is optional and has a total of 6 credits (150 hours).


The Internship in Companies subject (curricular) appears as a subject during the second semester, that is, from February to June, and therefore, the qualifications must appear along with the rest of the qualifications of the second semester, and not before. However, due to the dynamics of the internship, and to accommodate as many students as possible, the internship can be done throughout the course.

All the management of documentation, bureaucracy and other necessary procedures are the responsibility of the Vice-Dean of Internships in Companies and Students and of the Registry Office. And in no case the academic tutors (teachers) have to make documentary managements beyond the evaluation and tutoring of the students. That is your job: tutoring and qualifying the student.



Opening Hours

  • In the mornings from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:30 hours
  • Afternoons on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except July and August)

Administration of the Center's Curricular Internship

External Internship and University Extension Vice Deanship

  • Juan José Vargas Iglesias
    • Phone: 954556213
    • Email: vestudiantesfcom@us.es
    • Tutoring Schedule: tuesday and wednesday 10:00 to 13:00 hours