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Europass Diploma Supplement

It is the document that accompanies to each of the university Degrees of official character and validity in the whole national territory, with the information unified and personalized for every university student, on the experienced studies, the obtained results, the acquired professional capacities and the level of Degree in the National System of Higher education. It will be able only to be expressed for degrees which expedition has been requested by posteriority 12-09-2003 and that it corresponds with studies finished in accordance with renewed plans of study and in force in the academic course 2003/2004 or later.

There can only be request by the students of the old degree system (2002 Plan).



Delivery Request

Granting of representation request

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Mª Isabel González


Center Manager/Students

Dolores Olivero (Validations, Cancellations, Adaptations )

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Mª Ángeles Ruiz (Refunds, Annexes TFG and TFM)