The entities that do not have agreement can sign agreements of collaboration for internship with the University of Seville. For this, the entity that are interested to sign the agreement has to:

1. The company has to send 2 COPIES of the agreement, with the rest of documentation and BY POSTAL POST to the address:

Secretaría de prácticas - Facultad de Comunicación

Vicedecanato de prácticas en empresas y estudiantes- Gestión de convenios

Avda. Américo Vespuccio, s/n

41092 - Isla de la Cartuja - Sevilla


2. The copies have to be SIGNED IN ALL THE PAGES and SEALED IN THE LAST.

3. The internship program does not force to any compensation to the student in no case.

4. Once sent the agreement, means that is already signed by both parts (although in a prudential time the company will receive a copy signed by the Rector of the University of Seville).

5. On the first page, in the field "name of the student promoter", it is necessary to put student who promotes the agreement (in case that there is it).

6. In case of a Degree or Master student, and once they have completed these formalities, the student can begin the internship (has to be enrolled, previously, in the Practicum course). For his beginning, in the ten first days, the student has to send or deliver to the deanship the record of selection of student (3 copies).

7. If the agreement has not been promoted for a student, but it is the company by his own the one who signs it, has to be aware of the different calls that launches the Faculty of Communication. For this, the entity has to contact with the vice deanship of internship ( and request that his entity is included in the database of the companies to receive notification of the different calls.

8. The period of the curricular internships is 150 hours. (1,5 months at a rate of 5 h/day during 5 days a week) in the case of Degrees (Communication and Media, Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations). Is the same period for the Masters in: Communication and Culture and the Máster in Script, Narrative and Audiovisual Creativity. The Master of Institutional and Political Communication will be a period of 300 hours (3 months at a rate of 5 h./day during 5 days a week).

9. At the end of the internship, the student has to fill up, through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the memory/questionnaire of the student. Likewise, the company, also has to fill up through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the Final Report of company


Documentation of Interest::




Here you have the Regulation of Internship of the University of Seville and the Specific Regulation of the Faculty of Communication.

Here you have more information on the management of agreements. 

And a manual about Ícaro for companies.

Besides, you can find more information in the Service of Internship in Companies and Employment.




Here we have what you can do: 

To request internship students you must have an agreement of internship with the University of Seville. If your Regulation is in order you only have to sign in the platform Ícaro ( and request the profile of student wished. For this, the Faculty of Communication will contact with you through email to inform you of the diverse calls of internship courses