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Studying Abroad

When is the announcement of international mobility?

The call depends of the Centre of International Relations (www.internacional.us.es). In the web page you will be able to find all the relative information to the process of selection, the destinations and the economic helps. The announcement is annual by what, if you want to go to the next course, will have to ask the scholarship in the current course. From the FCom organise informative talks to advise you during all the process.

Is there any information about the last call for Erasmus and international mobility?

You can find all the information centralized and updated in ANNOUNCEMENT INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY 2019-2020

Final list of holders and alternates of International Mobility 2019-2020: Erasmus, Non UE citizens y Double Degree

Final list of holders and alternates of (settled calls) International Mobility 2019-2020 Erasmus, Non UE citizens y Double Degree

Final list of holders of International Mobility Internship 2019-2020: Erasmus+ and international.



Deanship Opening hours

Attendance is suspended until 30 March, following the instructions of the University of Seville. Communication via e-mail is kept open.

Mobility and International Relations Vice deanship office

  • Mónica Barrientos Bueno. Phone: 954559718, email: movifcom@us.es

To sign and seal any documentation you can send them to movifcom@us.es or leave them at the deanship office manager, Mariló Sánchez (mlsanchez@us.es)