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Useful information for FCom outgoing students

This section contains important information for the adjudicators of a scholarship of mobility of the FCom.

When you go come back you have to finish the administrative process in the University of Seville. This means that you have to deliver distinct documents in the Centre of International Relations as well as in the Faculty of Communication:

  1. You have to deliver a copy of the modification of the agreement (in the case that you had changed your original agreement) properly signed and sealed so much by the university of destination as by the FCom in the Registry. It remembers that the modifications have a limit time of 1 month from the beginning of your stay. All that have to be managed through your SEVIUS.
  2. THE SCORES. The process of validation initiates once that have delivered the agreement in Registry. When the university of destination sends your scores to the FCom, it will record in your historial for the conversion to the Spanish system and in 4 or 5 weeks these notes will appear in your file. This process can accelerate if you bring with you the original scores of the university of destination. This is not always possible and some universities take quiet time in sending the scores. In this case, we have to wait for them.
  3. You have to deliver in the Unit of Economic Management of International Mobility of the Centre of International Relations before 30 September the final certificate of original stay, signed and sealed by the university of destination, and the final report on the development of your stay (it will be sent to your SEVIUS). Besides, this year you will have to complete an OLS test of level of language.



You have to manage your European Sanitary Card if you remain in Europe or a safe private insurance in the case of non-EU destinations. In both cases, you have to consider that you also are covered for repatriation and civil liability.

If you go to Latin America, will have to schedule the application of your visa, possible vaccinations and other documents (criminal certificate, medical reports, guarantees, etc.) that the university of destination can request.

In all this paperwork and errands we can not help you from the FCom, you must manage personally


First of all, it is indispensable that when beginning the course 2017-2018 enrol in the FCom, as every year, of the subjects/courses that have chosen to validate with the foreign subjects/courses. If you have any doubts about the registration, contact with the Registry of the FCom in the following post: fcom1@us.es

The universities of destination will need also that you enrol yourself there. Some of the process of registration are by email (application form), usually on-line and during the summer season, although there are other universities that only ask that you enrol yourself to once you arrive to the university. It is important to be alert to all the information that the university of destination send to your email. In the Vice Deanship of Mobility and RRII of the FCom we do not have this information.

If you do not deliver the documentation required in the term fixed, the university of destination can not accept your registration, although you are the holder of a scholarship of mobility from the University of Sevilla.


The works and/or examinations that realise in your university of destination will be corrected there. At the end of your stay, your university will be able to: 1) give you the documents and printed matter that accredit your scores, or 2) send them directly to the FCom.

Here, in the Registry and the Vice Deanship of Mobility and RRII transcribe your notes to the Spanish system according to a table of equivalence. Afterwards, the notes will be included in your academic file.

REMEMBER: Never will validate subjects/courses that are not in the Academic Agreement, or in the modification of the same, properly signed and sealed by all the parts involved.


The number of credits will depend of the time that passes in your city of destination or of if it is your last year of registration. The minimum of credits, according to the different situations in which you can be, is:

  • For an abroad stays of a complete course: 45 credits.
  • For an abroad stays of an academic semester or less: 20 credits.
  • If it is your last year in the University and your abroad stay is about 3 to 6 months: 15 credits (have to finish the career there, Final Project included).
  • If it is your last course in the University and your abroad stay is for a complete course: 30 credits (have to finish the career there, Final Project included).

There are no case that the courses of languages will compute by subjects/courses of the corresponding Degree/Undergraduate. For the languages subjects you have the "Optional credits completed in mobility" (with value of 6 and 3 credits).

For the validations follow always the rule of our university and the table of equivalences approved by the International Centre of the University of Sevilla.

It is the documentation that collects the subjects/courses that you will study in the university of destination and the correspondence with the subjects/courses of our Plan of Studies. The signature of the Academic Agreement is very important and have to be delivered it before going you to your destination. This Academic Agreement has to be negotiated with the Manager of Mobility and International Relations of the FCom, Mónica Barrientos, and signed by her. Otherwise, is not valid.
The normal situatiuon is that the academic agreement modify once you are in the destination. But there are some terms to do these modifications:you have a month from the beginning of your stay.


  • Subjects/Courses never will be validate if they are not included in the Academic Agreement, or in the modification of the same, properly signed and sealed by all the parts involved.
  • You must be enrolled in all subjects of the academic agreement (Origin and destination subjects), otherwise the credits won't be recognized.
  • It will not be signed any agreement or modification of the same out of the term (1 month) established by the International Centre of the University of Sevilla.
  • For the realisation of the academic agreements it will be necessary to use the on-line tool that facilitates the International Center and to which you can access with your UVUS user.

It is very important to accept the scholarship granted through your SEVIUS user as soon as the first definitive list is published, because it depends on:

  • To sign an academic agreement with the subjects you will validate. To do this you will have to contact the head of mobility and international relations of the FCom, Mónica Barrientos Bueno (movifcom@us.es).
  • To make sure a place at the University of destination (some faculties have a maximum quota of students per subject).
  • and the most important, other students on the waiting list know as soon as possible the real possibilities they have to get a destination.

You have all the information about the process to accept, reserve or waive the scholarship on the basis of the call for 2019-2020.


Deanship Opening hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10.30 to 13.30. Office 3, Deanery.

Mobility and International Relations Vice deanship office

  • Mónica Barrientos Bueno

To sign and seal any documentation you can send them to movifcom@us.es or leave them at the deanship office manager, Mariló Sánchez (mlsanchez@us.es)