01. Are you a UNDERGRADUATE or MASTER student in the Fcom and want to apply for CURRICULAR internship in a company?

Here you have points to be considered:

- It is a NECESSARY REQUIREMENT to be enrolled in the INTERNSHIP IN COMPANIES (PRACTICUM) course. In the case of Degree, this enrollment only will be possible with 70% of the studies approved.

- You must register on the platform Icarus. Here you have a manual.

- The internships is an elective course where there are calls in June, September and December (for this last is necessary to be enrolled).

- A teacher will be your mentor. Here you have the complete list of academic mentors.

- The documentation of ending of the internship will be delivered until closing date:
        · 24 June 2019 (so that the qualifications go in the records of July).

       · 13 September 2019 (so that the qualifications go in the records of September)

        · 14 December 2018 (so that the qualifications go in the records of December).

It is IMPORTANT to know that those students that want to participate in the December call, will have to ENROL AGAIN (which involves the payment of a second enrollment).

- In the case of students older than 28 years old will have to formalise a health insurance for your own, on your charge, and giving us a copy of the contract to the person who is in charge of internships previously to the start of the internship.

Follor this steps:

1. The student has to enrol in the Internship Companies (Prácticas en Empresas) course.

2. The student has to sign in the platform Icaro (icaro.ual.es/us) in the "Acceso demandantes" TO BEGINNINGS OF THE ACADEMIC COURSE.

3. The faculty publish a minimum of three ORDINARY calls at year: September/October, December/January and April/May. These calls will be informed through the web of the Faculty and the diverse means and informative channels that Fcom has.

4. The students have to enroll through his user of Icaro.

5. Finalised the period of application, the faculty assigns companies to the students according to his average score record.

6. The faculty publish a provisional list with the allocations.

7. Term of claims. 2 working days. The claims have to be presented by means of an instance in the registry of the centre.

8. Final listing.

9. The faculty informs to the companies of his allocations. The company is the one who get in contact with the students. If happened a reasonable term (10 days) the entity has not get in contact with the students, you can write to infopracticas@us.es to request the information of the company and you can contact with the organisation.

10. If you have remained without any of the places of practices that requested, once published the Final listing, will remain available, during the time limit of 1 labour week, a listing of vacant places. You can go to the office of internship of the Faculty of Communication (inside Deanship) and choose, in order of arrival, between the companies that have remained free.

For further information, you can check the Protocol of students approved in Board of Faculty the 02/10/2010.


Opening Hours

  • In the mornings from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:30 hours
  • Afternoons on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except July and August)

Administration of the Center's Curricular Internship

External Internship and University Extension Vice Deanship

  • Juan José Vargas Iglesias
    • Phone: 954556213
    • Email: vestudiantesfcom@us.es
    • Tutoring Schedule: tuesday and wednesday 10:00 to 13:00 hours