02. Documentation to enroll

At the beginning of the internship:

You have along the ten first days you have to send or deliver to the Vice Deanship office of internship (the first office located at the entrance of the deanship) 3 COPIES of the record of selection of the student signed by entity and student (Record of selection of student). Once signed by the Vice Deanship of Internship in Companies and Students, the student can come and pick 2 copies: one for the entity and another for the student. THIS DOCUMENT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF HIM DEPENDS THE INSURANCE.

At the ending of the internship: 

The  student has to deliver in REGISTRY OFFICE 3 COPIES of:

Besides, the student has to fill up, through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the memory/questionnaire of the student. Likewise, the company, also has to fill up through THE PLATFORM ICARO, the final Report of company

You want to renew the internship?

If the student want to renew has to deliver the document in person to the Office of Internship of the Faculty of Communication (in deanship) 3 COPIES of the Application of extention (renew) and other 3 COPIES of the Curricular to Extracurricular Application.. This has to be done during the last days of internship and before the ending. This new period of internship (internship extention) become EXTRACURRICULAR and, therefore, his management relies directly to the Internship in Companies and Employment Office (SPEE).

Giving up your Internship?

If the student wants to give up to internship you have to send or deliver the Cancellation of the Internship in the same office..

The student has to consider that resignation of the internship means that you can not apply for the next internship enroll (see regulation).


Opening Hours

  • In the mornings from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:30 hours
  • Afternoons on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except July and August)

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