Journalism II Department


Teams of Research:


  •  Analysis and Information Technique 
    • Code: HUM212
    • Responsible researcher: Hada M. Sánchez Gonzales
    • SISIUS Link
  • Influences of Journalistic Genres and Technologies in Social Communication (HUM052)
    • Code: HUM885
    • Responsible researcher: Antonio López Hidalgo
    • SISIUS Link
  •  Communication strategies
    • Code: HUM849
    • Responsible researcher: Juan Luis Manfredi Mayoral
    • SISIUS Link
  • Media Studies for Quality Journalism (PERCAL)
  •  Structure, History and Content of Communication (GREHCCO)
  • Media, Communication Policies and Democracy in the European Union (DEMOC-MEDIA)
  • Research Team in Audiovisual Genres and Images (EGAUDIM)