Communication and Media, Advertising and Literature Department

Teams of Research:


  •  History of the Moving Image and Audiovisual Music  (HIMMA) 
    • Code: HUM406
    • Responsible researcher: Carlos Antonio Colón Perales
    • SISIUS Link
  • Audiovisual History, Language and Technology Research Team (EIHLTA)
    • Code: HUM656
    • Responsible researcher: Francisco Perales Bazo
    • SISIUS Link
  • Methods, Analysis and Strategies of Business and Institutional Communication (MAECEI)
  • Research Team in Public Relations, Ceremonial and Protocol (LAUREA)
    • Code: SEJ536
    • Responsible researcher: María Teresa Otero Alvarado
    • SISIUS Link
  • Research Group on Political Communication, Ideology and Advertising  (IDECO)
  • Analysis of Media, Images and Audiovisual Stories in their History for Social Change  (AdMira)
  • Research Group in Communication, Art and Videogames
    • Code: TIC237
    • Responsible researcher: José Luis Navarrete Cardero
    • SISIUS Link
  • International Research Of Advertising, Communication And Marketing Mix
    • Código: SEJ624
    • Investigador responsable: Gloria Jiménez Marín
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